10 Essential Steps for Buying a Ducati Monster 696: A Comprehensive Guide


Buying a Ducati Monster 696, a renowned icon in the motorcycle realm, represents a dream come true for many speed enthusiasts. This article elaborates on a systematic guide to help you locate and acquire this extraordinary beast.

Step 1: Getting Familiar with the Ducati Monster 696

The Ducati Monster 696, a harmonious blend of power, agility, and elegance, stands out in the biking world. It boasts a robust 696 cc L-twin engine that generates an outstanding 80 horsepower. With a lightweight dry weight of merely 161 kg, it’s an ideal bike for those craving speed.

Step 2: Recognizing the Distinct Characteristics of Ducati Monster 696

This motorcycle exhibits several distinguishing traits that elevate it above its rivals. Its sleek design, featuring an iconic trellis frame and an exceptional exhaust system, instantly grabs attention. The Ducati Monster 696 also incorporates cutting-edge technology like the APTC clutch, ensuring minimal lever effort while offering a slipper function.

Step 3: Locating a Ducati Monster 696 for Sale

Locating a Ducati Monster 696 for sale might necessitate some digging. Consider exploring online bike marketplaces, nearby dealerships, and classified ads. Ensure you thoroughly inspect the bike’s condition before proceeding with any transactions.

Buying a Ducati Monster 696

Step 4: Examining a Ducati Monster 696 Prior to Purchase

While examining a Ducati Monster 696, focus on its engine, tires, brakes, and electrical components. Check for any indications of damage or neglect. It’s also recommended to take the bike out for a test ride to evaluate its performance.

Step 5: Concluding the Purchase of Ducati Monster 696

Before concluding your purchase, verify that all necessary documentation is available and correct. This includes the bike’s registration papers, maintenance records, and any other pertinent documentation. If possible, negotiation on the price can also be beneficial.


The Ducati Monster 696 is an excellent pick for those seeking a performance-oriented bike that marries style and technology. Although locating one for sale might demand some patience, the thrill of riding this masterpiece is undoubtedly worth the effort. Visit the Wikipedia page for more information on Ducati Monster models.

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