The Comprehensive Guide to Unveiling the Power of Doohan iTank


The name Doohan iTank has become somewhat of a buzzword within the eco-friendly motorcycle community. A new beast on the block, this vehicle is different, unique, and incredibly innovative. Let us take you on a detailed journey through the world of Doohan iTank, highlighting its remarkable features, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled convenience.

Unboxing the Doohan iTank

As you first lay eyes on the Doohan iTank, the immediate impression is that of sturdy elegance. There is a touch of ferocity combined with class, a rare combination that is testament to its superior design.

The Unique Three-Wheeled Design

Marred by the monotony of two-wheeled green vehicles, doohan iTank takes a leap forward. The three-wheeled electric design is what sets the Doohan iTank apart. It reduces the risks associated with two-wheeler rides, promising stability even on the most tricky terrains. It brings together the grace of a motorcycle and the stability of a car.

Experience Power Like Never Before

With a 1500 W Bosch motor pulsating at its heart, the Doohan iTank does not shy away from power delivery. This electric powertrain not only provides exciting performance but also ensures a silent, pollution-free ride. It impressively combines performance with sustainability, appealing to speed enthusiasts and eco-warriors alike.

Practical and Environment-friendly

Practicality meets eco-friendly with the Doohan iTank. It hails the dawn of a new age of urban mobility – a future dominated by electric vehicles. It’s a perfect companion for city dwellers, offering an eco-friendly option for daily commuting while also boasting a remarkable range of 50 miles at full charge.

The Smart Element

The Doohan iTank is more than just an electric vehicle; its intelligent technology sets new standards for what a modern ride must be. It comes with a Smart App system that connects your phone with the machine and keeps you updated about the status, including charging, average speed, total mileage, temperature and more.

Charging and Battery Life

The long-lasting 18650 lithium battery ensures that the Doohan iTank offers a game-changing performance in terms of longevity and reliability. It allows for a convenient and fast charging at home, taking only 6 hours for a full charge, a stark contrast to the exhausting waits associated with conventional electric vehicles.

Unparalleled Comfort

Comfort takes the high road in Doohan iTank. The company is notably meticulous with its built, ensuring a practically noise-free ride, comfortable seating, and easy-to-grip handles.

Gear up for the Future

The numerous features of the Doohan iTank, combined with its unrivalled design and squeaky-clean electric mechanism, makes it the future of urban mobility. By embracing it, you are not only upgrading your ride experience but also contributing to a better and more sustainable future.

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